Fitch & Fitch is a specialist mortgage broker.


​Award winning Fitch & Fitch is one of the UK’s leading independent mortgage brokers, whether you are buying your first home, next home or expanding your buy-to-let portfolio, Fitch & Fitch can help.

Specialising in funding solutions for high value property, we at Fitch & Fitch aim to bring clarity to the specialist lending market and advice process, with an outstanding level of service that is built round the customer.

We specialise in securing finance for clients looking for high value mortgages, have complex income structures or unusual circumstances.

At Fitch & Fitch we working with every major lender in the UK – high street banks, private banks and specialist providers. Whether you are looking for the cheapest, quickest, or largest loan possible, or are still searching far an answer you need, we will find you the best funding solution.

Fitch & Fitch is an award winning Canary Wharf mortgage broker, contact us now for the best terms we can negotiate on your behalf.​


Fitch & Fitch are experts in helping people achieve their goals by providing the right funding, buy-to-let portfolio management and insurance advice.