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The FCA do not regulate some forms of mortgages. The guidence and / or advice contained within this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore primary targeted at consumers based in the UK. JLM Mortgages Services  Ltd registered in England No 4701803. 


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Guest Blog - E14Properties

When and how did E14 Properties begin?


E14Properties has been an ongoing project of mine, but has formally been trading since 2017. I’ve been involved in property for over 20 years although my background is in investment banking - but my main focus was always property investment. And that’s how E14Properties came about - I thought I could come in and participate in this market where the barriers of entry are quite low and the scope to perform is quite high. It’s basically trying to bring a service to the market that I felt other agents couldn’t bring in terms of experience from all angles that impact the buying and selling process in property. E14Properties understand the process of buying and selling and we can educate you through the whole process. 


What is your specialty service?


E14Properties’ specialty is the presentation and flexibility in our offerings. As mentioned, my background is in investment banking, but I’m also a qualified accountant and a property investor, so when I speak to clients I can give them a holistic view from an owner-buyer perspective - a real 360 degree approach in property, accounting for property and the economic view of the market in general. 


The ability to share this knowledge is our unique selling point - when you speak to us, you’re not just speaking to an agent. Our motto is making “Complex Simple”


What’s the best thing about it?


E14Properties is a flexible agency, we work, independently, or in collaboration with other agents and developers. For example, I just sold a property in west London even though I am based in east London. It’s having the ability to work with other agents outside of your comfort zone and within other areas in London to benefit the client.


How has the market changed since you started?


Mainly the slow-down in capital appreciation of properties. There has been a reduction in transactions and as a result we have seen a squeeze on prices throughout the UK. Coupled with that, there have been significant regulatory changes within financial markets, plus revised UK tax rulings for Buy to Let that have had a significant effect on property performance. The property market is forever evolving, therefore the agent also have to evolve.


How is E14Properties overcoming this?


By being realistic in valuing properties, and also understanding the customers position. You need to understand your client, what they need to achieve then be as realistic in terms of the ways you can help them achieve their goals plus finally manage their expectations through the process.


E14Properties work hand in hand with clients in terms of sales and purchasing, ensuring that communication and understanding is clear throughout the process.


Basically the approach is bit more scientific “and making complex simple”. 


How do you feel about the rise of online estate agents?


I am an 100% online agent, so for me, it’s working out. I would definitely say that it has had an impact on the market overall - there’s a lot more competition and competition is definitely a good thing, meaning that the client will always win in terms of price, however you get what you pay for so clients still need to be cautious in choosing an agent.



E14 – Local housing market


The local property market within the E14 area has been interesting in the sense that the number of units keep increasing as developments are coming to fruition. E14 now has a few of the tallest residential buildings in London and Europe, properties prices in the area have declined slightly not as much as the rest of Central London. E14 area is known for getting more pound value per square footage in Central London, attracting both residential and commercial tenants in the area with Banks and Government offices shifting presence from the City of London into the Canary Wharf E14 areas. The presence of E14properties LTD in the E14 area is primed to benefits from these developments in the area.  


Impact on Brexit on the housing market in general


Brexit has caused a lot of uncertainty in the property market, due to lack of clarity of what the full process entails for the UK and Europe as whole. The UK economy has also been sluggish since the referendum. The duration it takes to close out on a property continues to be extended, The property market at present is being driven by buyers where sellers are continually reduces prices to achieve sales.


As Brexit clarity presents itself we believe this will calm the market allowing individuals to make informed decisions and progress on property transactions.


E14Properties prides itself on being able to perform in these testing times, our aim is to provide buyers, sellers landlords and tenants, with a tailor-made solution using our specialist insight into the property market by providing a seamless process in sales and lettings covering E14 area and Central London.


Lastly, it is imperative that you seek good financial advice via a mortgage broker like Fitch & Fitch before engaging in any transaction. 


Further details can be found here https://e14properties.co.uk/






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