Fitch & Fitch is a specialist in Bridging Finance.

Whether you require bridging finance on a residential, investment or commercial property, finding exactly the right bridging loan can be daunting.

Fitch & Fitch has extensive knowledge and contacts within the bridging finance market. We understand that in this market, speed and efficiency are required.

We have access to high street banks, private banks, international banks, private funds, hedge funds, secondary lenders, international banks, offshore banks, peer-to-peer lenders and high net worth private individuals. You will struggle to find a contact book with a wider range of funding sources.

Bridging Finance has many advantages, and are an excellent solution in any number of situations, however it is important to remember it is only ever intended as short term funding.


Having an exit strategy will put you, and the lender in stronger and improved position, this is where we at Fitch & Fitch excel. 

Bridging lenders tend to charge a higher premium in return for speed and certainty, with bespoke deals depending on the property involved and your individual circumstances.  

Fitch & Fitch is an award winning Canary Wharf mortgage broker, contact us now for the best terms we can negotiate on your behalf.​



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